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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Smiley Specials - Announcement! (Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay/Commentary)

Smiley Specials - Announcement! (Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay/Commentary) Tube. Duration : 4.58 Mins.

Hey Smileys! Hit like if you enjoyed, it also helps me grow! ● Twitter: ● Tumblr: ● Twitch: ● FB: ● Donate: (Paypal) ● PO Box: Rebecca Hernandez - PO Box 52 La Mirada, Ca. 90638 Music: D1G1T4LPOLARIS - The 80's Song: THANK YOU CHILLTREEHUGGER! Pixelettes ● ●

Aparojito - 4th June 2012

Aparojito - 4th June 2012 Video Clips. Duration : 5.10 Mins.

Bumper speaks to the decorators for Raja and Suranjana's marriage. Amit wishes to do something historical during the marriage and decides to book honeymoon tickets for the couple. Suranjana is pleased as Raja brings gifts for the women of Janki Niwas. Rahul is tensed as Piku and Titli's exams are during the marriage. Gopal becomes nostalgic about his marriage with Shila. At night, the residents get irritated due to a continuous snoring.

Episode 298

Episode 298 Tube. Duration : 23.03 Mins.

Vidya prepares pasta for Sagar's American clients with the help of a recipe book. Sagar is impressed and thanks her for always being by his side. Sagar affectionately tells her that she is very stubborn because she stopped him from going. Vidya replies that the guru's prophecy is terrifying her, so Sagar wipes her tears. Sindoora informs Vidya that the clients will not be coming for dinner and will have the meeting next morning in office. Sindoora is confident that she will surely succeed in her mission next day. Sagar requests Vidya to allow him to do his work, so she relents. The next morning, Sindoora informs Sagar that the meeting must take place because the American delegates were returning later at night. Uma asks Sindoora and Chandra to remain at home because Vidya was going to hold a religious ceremony for married women the next day. On the other hand, Bharat informs Sagar that Vidya has high fever. The doctor examines her and advises Sagar to tend to her the entire day. Sindoora realises Vidya's ploy and informs Sagar that the deal will go out of their hands if he does not attend the meeting. Sagar speaks to Vidya alone and convinces her that he must go to office. Vidya tells Cheenu that she has left everything on God. Sindoora phones Balwant to inform him that Sagar will be leaving soon.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Boggy Creek

Boggy Creek Tube. Duration : 86.90 Mins.

When Jennifer's father dies in a horrific accident, she finds herself drawn to his small cabin in Boggy Creek, Texas. She brings a few friends along for a week's stay, but their vacation soon turns deadly. They are warned of an evil creature that has lurked near the waters for three decades, a terrifying monster that murders men and abducts women. While camping, Jennifer and her friends encounter the creature, finding themselves on the feeding grounds of the giant beast. What began as a journey of self discovery becomes a desperate fight for survival along Boggy Creek as they soon lean that the legend is true! MPAA Rating: NOTRATED

Winter X Games 15 - Kelsey Serwa Wins Gold in Women's Skier X

Winter X Games 15 - Kelsey Serwa Wins Gold in Women's Skier X Tube. Duration : 1.75 Mins.

Kelsey Serwa wins a dramatic race over Ophelie David in the Women's Skier X final at Winter X Games. Crazy finish.

In Old Caliente

In Old Caliente Tube. Duration : 53.27 Mins.

After Don Jose's son Carlos is robbed, Roy and Gabby find the outlaws but end up captured and blamed for the robbery. They get even deeper into trouble when foreman Sujarto kills Don Jose and blames Roy. At last they escape and Roy convinces Carlos that Sujarto killed his father. Roy then hatches a plan to bring Sujarto and the gang into the open. Roy and Gabby sing a duet: "We're Not Coming Out Tonight" as well as "Sundown on the Rangeland" and "Ride on Vaquero."

Man, Woman, Minecraft - [S1E22] Survival Island: "Elusive Slime"

Man, Woman, Minecraft - [S1E22] Survival Island: "Elusive Slime" Tube. Duration : 17.85 Mins.

Husband and wife team try to survive in Minecraft on custom map "Survival Island"! Man is a gamer and Minecraft veteran. Woman is a newbie at gaming and Minecraft. This is gonna be...FUN!?! Get Minecraft here: Get Survival Island map here Music credits: Jason Shaw @ BLOG TWITTER FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE: FAQ VIDEO: Tags: yt:quality=high minecraft "minecraft survival" "minecraft dad" "minecraft family" "family server" "minecraft server" "minecraft multiplayer" "man vs wild" survivorman "minecraft smp" "minecraft beta" paulsoaresjr gameplay commentary guide playthrough tutorial gaming role-play "video game" mod custom map survival island coop co-op husband wife team Cooperative


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